Entry #1

Call to Arms!

2015-12-23 17:18:59 by ThomasCastle

I have a new project idea i am focused on completing! Stand by for more information!


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2015-12-26 18:11:05

I made some cheerful music if you want to take a look at my last track, it's very simple, but nice, and you have my permission to use it, as long as I get credit. I remember you were asking for music a while ago, so I thought you'd want to look.

ThomasCastle responds:

I checked it out and i liked it please me know if you are making any other piano focused music. The setting of my Animation is in a hospital and ill love some hard hitting piano to drive home the feeling on the piece.


2015-12-26 20:22:14

do you need upbeat music, or something really sad?

ThomasCastle responds:

i can actually use a bit of both. I can send you the script to help with out things will feel if you like.


2015-12-27 12:58:23

yes! thank you so much!

ThomasCastle responds:

message me you email buddy